Culinary Arts Program and Classes - What to Expect

If you're interested in the culinary world-whether in the kitchen or managing it-an online degree in culinary arts or management would be right up your ally. Check out what types of degrees you can get, and read below for what your coursework could be like.

What You'll Learn in a Culinary Arts Program Online

The general consensus among most professional programs is that you cannot earn a degree in culinary arts solely online. However, students with prior culinary lab experience, typically through an associate degree, can complete their bachelor's online.

For those simply wanting to perk up their cooking skills or master a specific, there are some programs that provide cooking instruction online, but they mostly are aimed primarily at home cooks, not professional chefs.  Some programs do offer online cooking instruction; however, you can expect to complete some class work on a physical site or in an internship.  

A culinary arts education will give you hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge about cooking.

Skills Learned in Culinary Arts Classes

Students should learn fundamental, intermediate and advanced food production skills, fundamental baking skills and viniculture.  Other skills learned include the abilities to:

  • Establish and maintain high standards of personal and industry sanitation and safety
  • Demonstrate proper techniques in cooking and baking skills to produce high-quality products
  • Apply nutrition principles to menu planning and food production for a variety of customers
  • Identify methods for controlling bar/lounge operations including beverage identification, wine and food affinity, and responsible legal beverage service
  • Describe the origin of various cuisines and their relationship to history and cultural development

Culinary Arts Education in Management

For those more interested in running restaurants, a degree in culinary arts management might be a better fit.

Culinary arts management is about the business and logistics of food. Because the business topics relevant to restaurant management and the hospitality industry are easily adaptable to the online realm, a culinary arts management program is a great choice for those wanting an education while maintaining a job.

Students in these programs utilize the internet to access lectures, submit assignments, receive feedback and discuss questions.  Students and instructors may also communicate with each other via e-mail or over the phone. In general, all students need is a computer and reliable internet connection.

Courses might include topics in:

  • Marketing and accounting
  • Human resources management
  • Hospitality law
  • Purchasing
  • Event management

Skills Learned in Culinary Arts Management Classes

Graduates will be able to understand the workings of a professional kitchen and will be able to effectively manage teams of food service workers and delegate responsibility efficiently.


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