Guide to Culinary Degree Options Online

If you're considering getting an online degree in culinary arts or hospitality management, your first step is to decide which degree or certification you want to earn. Read below for more information regarding associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in culinary arts. Then check out the top online culinary programs and decide which one is right for you.

Associate Culinary Degrees

An associate degree in Culinary Arts is designed for those who already have formal training at a post-secondary level and culinary skills but who want an associate degree and a broader skill base in order to increase opportunities for employment and advancement.

Usually the program offers a practical curriculum and real-world instruction using convenient, online classes that give you the education you need for a successful career in the culinary arts.

Special note: typically to qualify for admission into these associate degree programs, you must have successfully completed an adequate diploma program that offers training in cooking and kitchen skills. Check with your admissions counselor regarding requirements.

You can also earn an associate degree in Hospitality Management, which would help you on your career path in restaurant management. During your online degree program, you'll learn from qualified instructors with practical experience in the hospitality management field. An online hospitality management degree prepares you for work in food and beverage, tourism, lodging, casino, or convention management.

Bachelor's Degrees - Culinary and Hospitality Management

Not many online schools offer bachelor's degrees in cooking, plenty of online programs offer culinary or hospitality management degrees, which are extremely useful for those wanting to go into a culinary manager career.

A bachelor's degree in Culinary Management gives more emphasis on management and business instruction than cooking lessons. You will learn basics of accounting, human resource management and hospitality regulations. This degree is appropriate for those who have previous certificates or degrees in the culinary arts but are looking to advance in their careers.

You can expect to take classes, such as:

  • Food & Beverage Purchasing Control
  • Principles of Sanitation and Safety
  • Foodservice Facility Planning
  • History of Modern Cuisine
  • Hospitality Law

Master's Degree in Hospitality Management

Those seeking a master's degree in Hospitality Management should research MBA programs. Read more about MBAs in our business degree section.

Additional Certificates for Culinary Arts

Online certifications are much easier to find than culinary arts degrees. These are short programs where you can beef up your cooking skills in a specific area. Again, because learning to cook online poses a big challenge, some programs may require in-class training or internships.

A couple of fields you can study:

  • Pastries/Baking
  • Nutrition
  • Wine Testing
  • World Cuisines
  • Knife Skills

Also, check out PCDI's Gourmet Cooking and Catering program, which gives you comprehensive, step-by-step training in specialized techniques of professional cooking and catering.

Culinary management certifications include The Online Certificate in Food Service Management. This certification prepares students to manage at a competent level of knowledge and skill in the food service industry and helps students gain a deeper insight into food management areas.


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