Human Services and Social Work Degree Online Options

With an online human service degree, you have the option to enter many exciting careers, such as a social worker, counselor, social and human service assistant or a number of other jobs. With such a diverse field of careers, the online degree options in the human services industry are vast. Read below to find out what type of degree you can earn.

Human Service and Social Work Associate Degrees and Certifications

Certificate programs allow human service professionals to expand their skills in a specific area without forcing them to commit to a full degree program.

Certificate programs for the human services field include:

  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Certificate as a Child Development Associate
  • Certificate as a Home Visitor Child Development Associate
  • Certificate in Human Services

Associate degrees allow recent high school graduates to gain the minimum amount of specialized skills to gain an entry-level position in the human services field. Students can typically transfer credits from their certificate or associate programs toward a full bachelor's degree if they decide to pursue further education.

Human Service and Social Work Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor's degree in human services usually combines specific career-related courses with broad exposure to arts and humanities. By the end of the program, students will gain the ability to relate to clients on multiple levels.

A degree in human services requires specific classes that fit the degree, such as abnormal psychology, group dynamics, developmental psychology, ethics and human services and research design and evaluation.

Human Services and Social Work Master's Degrees

Master's degree programs focus on areas related to management and director positions. Throughout your master's program, you will develop a deeper understanding of human psychology. Key areas of study include graduate-level ethics and legal issues in human services, assessment and intervention techniques, clinical case formulation, diversity issues in human services, group processes and facilitation, social services law and applied behavior analysis.

With an online human services master's degree you can be eligible for employment in top-level positions in social service agencies at the state or local level in private, public and government organizations. You may qualify for supervisory positions in healthcare facilities or at the university level.

Human Services and Social Work Doctorate and Ph.D. Degrees

Doctorate level programs in human services emphasize advanced theory and research, government regulations, critical thinking skills and the principles of leadership. Students seeking a Ph.D. in human services may specialize in counseling studies, criminal justice, general human services, healthcare administration, management of nonprofit agencies or social work and community services.


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