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Working in the religious field does not necessarily require a degree, but many students discover they can do more for their career and the people they serve by getting either a bachelor's or master's degree.

Careers in the field of religion are not limited to just church leaders but also include missionaries, educators, counselors, music ministers and more. Some people with religious degrees use their education for other degrees in fields such as law, medicine and philosophy or to teach at colleges and universities. 

In addition to the seminary training usually required, a minimum of a bachelor's degree is often necessary for any leadership role in the religious community. With online bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees available through respected religious study programs, you can achieve your goals at your own pace.

Basic Requirements for an Online Religious Studies Degree

To attain your associate and bachelor's degrees, you will need a high school diploma or GED. Some programs may have minimum GPA and test scores.  To go further with a master's or PhD, you will need to first have your bachelor's degree.

How Long Will it Take to Complete Your Religious Studies Education?

An associate degree should take you roughly two to three years, depending on your full time status, although it might be wise to receive your bachelor's degree to go further in a career in religious studies.

A bachelor's should take around four years. A master's degree will take an additional two to three years, and a PhD. will take roughly another two to three years.  

If you are seeking to become a religious leader at a church or synagogue, you will also need to take seminary training on top of your formal education. Seminary education takes one year to complete, and while there are limited programs online, most establishments believe that you must complete this at a physical seminary site, where you will complete your training with other students. If you do choose to complete your seminary training online, make sure the program is accredited.

Must-Have Traits of Religious Studies Professionals

Religious studies professionals are responsible for teaching and passing along the religious traditions of their specific branch of faith through sermons and writings. Besides ministers and pastors, other jobs in religious studies embrace the art of teaching, so to become successful in this field, you should have the passion to serve and teach others.

You will need excellent communication skills, both written and verbally. You must be able to interact well with others. Of course, to direct a church, temple or mosque, you must have faith in your religion. 



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