Guide to Earning a Political Science Degree Online

Earning a political science degree online can open the doors to a number of careers in a variety of industries, both private and public. Political science majors examine the development and function of governments. Many political science graduates pursue careers in government or public service, either as elected politicians, support staffers or consulting analysts.

If you're interested in government and how it functions, then a career in political science could be right for you, and nothing's better than earning your degree at your own pace in the comfort of home.

Basic Requirements for a Political Science Degree

In order to succeed in your political science career, you will most likely need to achieve your bachelor's degree, which will require that you have a high school diploma or GED. Some programs may have minimum GPA and test scores as additional requirements. To get your master's degree or Ph.D., you will need to have your bachelor's degree first.

How Long Will it Take to Get Your Political Science Degree Online? 

Associate degrees can usually be earned in about 18 months, but you will probably need your bachelor's degree for most political science jobs, which can sometimes be earned in less than the usual four years it would take at a traditional campus.  A master's degree will take an additional two years at least, and a Ph.D. will take even longer.

Decide which type of job you're looking for in political science before you decide which degree to earn. Some political science majors end up getting their J.D., so plan accordingly if you want to go into law.

Must-Have Skills for Political Science Jobs

Although you will be taught about government and history, to succeed at a political science job you must possess a thorough understanding of the American political system after graduation. You will also need to be able to effectively communicate both on paper and verbally, as political science majors often compete in debates and write lengthy papers.

In addition, you should have comprehensive research skills and a passion for digging deeper on complex issues pertaining to the political realm.  You should also have efficient interviewing skills and interact well with others if you enter the public service industry.



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