The Importance of Accredited Online Universities

Getting an online college degree is not foolproof. The rising popularity of the internet brought along internet scammers, those people willing to take your money without providing the promised online degree. As a result, a student seeking an online degree or any manner of distance learning should make sure to confirm the credentials of the desired organization promising a college degree or certificate.

You should first check to see if the institution you're considering applying to is accredited by a national or regional accrediting organization. It's worth noting that most regional accrediting organizations perform under the umbrella of a national organization. Without the approval of one of these organizations, institutions cannot call themselves accredited online universities.

Accrediting Institutions - The First Step to an Accredited College Degree

Two of the primary national accrediting institutions are the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). Both organizations are charged with maintaining certain minimal educational standards. In order for an education institution to be considered accredited and able to provide you with an accredited college degree, they need to be able to meet basic requirements of either the CHEA or the USDE.

This accreditation ensures that you're getting distance learning or an online college degree that will allow you sufficient training for obtaining a position in your chosen field. If an online degree is earned from a reputable accredited university or college, that degree is as good as if it were earned at a brick and mortar university or college.

What Employers Think About Online Accredited Degrees

There have been naysayers of online education who say potential employers are put off by an online degree. That is a myth. More than in the past, employers are recognizing the rise in the stature of online education and online accredited degrees, as well as the importance of online universities in offering accredited education that meets the needs of so many students.

In fact, says that many employers are impressed with students who are self-motivated enough to take advantage of new technology and options, like learning online.

So if you are considering an online degree or any type of distance learning, do your homework in advance. First, make sure the school is accredited by an organization like CHEA or USDE. Then confirm the organization has the degree requirements you can stick to and that will provide you with a competitive education.

This will put you in the best position possible when you go about pursuing your desired job. It is not good enough to have the letters B.A. or M.B.A. after your name if it does not come with the good name of the school from which it was obtained.

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